Our Region

The development of our A49 office in Winnipeg, was driven by the growth of the city as the Western Canadian headquarters for banks and insurance companies; a central transportation hub for the country; and a strong arts and cultural mecca. Our portfolio reflects a wide range of the seminal architectural projects in Winnipeg that have shaped the city skyline. Our climate extremes provide a dynamic force that has informed our design and technical knowledge, and given us a unique perspective of the value of sustainability. With a strong focus on complex, often one-of-a-kind projects, our team thrives on approaching projects from a collaborative, interdisciplinary framework. The Prairies are the home of our industry-leading Science and Technology practice group, who specialize in highly complex laboratory spaces in Canada and beyond. It is also home to a focused studio that services many First Nations people in Manitoba, North-Western Ontario and the far north with extensive experience in schools and health care centres.

Our People

A49 Winnipeg has a multi-disciplinary staff of architects, interior designers, landscape architects and urban planners. Culturally we embrace an open design dialogue and believe in an integrated design approach to all our projects. We are well versed in a range of delivery models and are known for our collaborative skill set honed by many successful relationships with other design firms, contractors and alternative delivery partners. Our people have deep expertise in complex building types such as biocontainment laboratories, museums and galleries, and mission critical facilities and participate on many technical advisory panels and industry boards.

Photo: Amanda Austin

Amanda Austin

RAP Program Facilitator
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Photo: Amy Klassen

Amy Klassen

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Photo: Ana Coppinger

Ana Coppinger

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Photo: Bhavana Bonde

Bhavana Bonde

Landscape Architect
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Photo: Carl Drohomereski

Carl Drohomereski

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Photo: Chelsea Tacchi

Chelsea Tacchi

Architectural Intern
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Photo: Damian Surasky

Damian Surasky

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Photo: Darren Wigley

Darren Wigley

Contract Administrator
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Photo: Figen Emre

Figen Emre

Architectural Intern
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Photo: Grant Van Iderstine

Grant Van Iderstine

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Photo: Heather Schiller

Heather Schiller

Architectural Technologist
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Photo: Heather Smith

Heather Smith

Director, Marketing and Business Development
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Photo: Jim Weselake

Jim Weselake

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Photo: Julie Epp

Julie Epp

Inclusion & Diversity Advisor
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Photo: Kristy Babiuk

Kristy Babiuk

Architectural Technologist
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Photo: Kyle Hayes

Kyle Hayes

Director of Finance
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Photo: Larry Wiens

Larry Wiens

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Photo: Lori Penner

Lori Penner

Professional Interior Designer
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Photo: Mary-Ann Klassen

Mary-Ann Klassen

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Photo: Maureen Doyle

Maureen Doyle

Professional Interior Designer
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Photo: Melissa Weselake

Melissa Weselake

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Photo: Michael Conway

Michael Conway

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Photo: Mike Flynn

Mike Flynn

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Photo: Nicole Reenders

Nicole Reenders

Intern Landscape Architect
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Photo: Olha Fedorova

Olha Fedorova

Interior Designer
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Photo: Philip Harms

Philip Harms

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Photo: Ron Martin

Ron Martin

Contract Administrator
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Photo: Sarah Chernis

Sarah Chernis

Project Manager
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Photo: Ted Daigle

Ted Daigle

Contract Administrator
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Photo: Tracey Stevens

Tracey Stevens

Office Manager
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Photo: Victor Kolynchuk

Victor Kolynchuk

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Photo: Vizmark Evangelista

Vizmark Evangelista

Contract Administrator
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Photo: Wayne Brewer

Wayne Brewer

E-mail Wayne Brewer

Photo: Wendy Tyson

Wendy Tyson

Professional Interior Designer
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Photo: Dorothea Harms

Dorothea Harms

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Photo: Hanzhi Zhang

Hanzhi Zhang

Interior Designer
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Photo: Cybelle Comia

Cybelle Comia

E-mail Cybelle Comia

Photo: Yi Zheng

Yi Zheng

Landscape Designer
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Photo: Geoffrey Bulmer

Geoffrey Bulmer

Architectural Technologist
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Photo: Eric Decumutan

Eric Decumutan

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Photo: Sophie Delaquis

Sophie Delaquis

Architectural Technician
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Photo: Matthew Derksen

Matthew Derksen

Landscape Architect
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Photo: Javier Fritzler

Javier Fritzler

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Photo: Marco Garcia

Marco Garcia

Architectural Intern
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Photo: Gill Giles

Gill Giles

E-mail Gill Giles

Photo: Destiny Gulewich

Destiny Gulewich

Digital Media
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Photo: JJ Ham

JJ Ham

Architectural Technologist
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Photo: Lindsay Hamonic

Lindsay Hamonic

Professional Interior Designer
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Photo: Mathews Itty

Mathews Itty

E-mail Mathews Itty

Photo: Marina Jansen

Marina Jansen

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Photo: Sam Joyal

Sam Joyal

Architectural Technologist
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Photo: Gustavo Lecman

Gustavo Lecman

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Photo: Greg Little

Greg Little

Landscape Designer
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Photo: Gladys Lutao

Gladys Lutao

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Photo: Lee McCormick

Lee McCormick

Managing Principal
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Photo: Kurt Penno

Kurt Penno

Architectural Technician
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Photo: Melissa Dionisio

Melissa Dionisio

E-mail Melissa Dionisio

Photo: Curtis Rehberg

Curtis Rehberg

Architectural Technologist
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Photo: Shirley Siquinia

Shirley Siquinia

E-mail Shirley Siquinia

Photo: Scott Stirton

Scott Stirton

E-mail Scott Stirton

Photo: Evan Taylor

Evan Taylor

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Photo: Andrew Viflanzoff

Andrew Viflanzoff

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Photo: Michael Wong

Michael Wong

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Photo: Carson Wiebe

Carson Wiebe

Architectural Intern
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Our Office Locations


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Winnipeg, MB
R3T 6B8

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