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Culture | Prairies

Saskatoon Public Library

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (with Formline Architecture and in partnership with Chevalier Morales)

The new central library is a flagship of Canadian public library reconciliation in action. The design of the building will honor the Indigenous, Métis and the people and culture of Saskatoon. The building will serve as a living room, a safe and inclusive place to learn be inspired, and share ideas. Design inspiration for the form, character and use of materials is based on research and input gathered through the engagement process. During the design concept process a mass timber structure was chosen to express the importance of wood to both the Indigenous and Métis people rooted in the log poles of the tipi and the log cabin. Wood is also the first choice as a sustainable material for its low embodied energy and carbon sequestering qualities.

Renderings Courtesy of Formline Architecture and Chevalier Morales