Landscape Architecture and Urban Design Services

Well-designed landscapes and urban spaces have transformative abilities, providing opportunities for the creation of icons and landmarks that invite and unite communities. By understanding how people interact with and within these spaces, and by engaging in the practice of collaborative design, our Landscape and Urban Design department creates inspiring spaces that elevate the health, social vitality, safety and sustainability of our communities.

Public spaces such as parks, plazas, courtyards, streets and sidewalks define the individual urban experience. Our team has worked on various projects within a wide range of budgets and program requirements that engage community members of all ages and activity levels. We believe that the spheres of the built and natural environments are crucially complimentary – well-integrated places become communities in the same way that houses become homes. Together, the symbiotic disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture and urban design help to characterize the overall strength of the urban fabric.

Climate change has created challenges and opportunities for Landscape Architects to work alongside natural elements rather than controlling or overcoming them. The integration of a site's environmental and built language, and the integration of exterior and interior spaces have real and measurable benefits. Our Landscape and Urban Design work is based on industry best practices to create spaces that perform as they are intended, while recognizing and respecting the habitats within which they exist. Our integrated design practice provides clients the ability to create places that evoke an immediate connection with nature and create innovative sustainable solutions within the project parameters. Sustainable landscape elements including green roofs, green walls, bio-filters and retention ponds can be a vital part of the building’s green economical technical systems. We listen to our clients, understand their current and future requirements, and help them to create innovative sustainable environments.