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Who We Are

Architecture49 boasts a history spanning over half a century of profoundly significant contributions to cities and communities across Canada and beyond. Our people share a depth of experience in designing award winning, high-profile projects around the globe. Together, we create inspiring spaces that elevate the health, social vitality and sustainability of our communities.

We believe that our communities are enriched by a broader, more enlivened collaboration between clients, builders, architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects and urban planners. We believe in the strength of a multi-disciplinary view and in the ability to shape urban infrastructure to Canadian principals of honesty, diversity, practicality and regionalism.

From coast to coast, we navigate a broad spectrum of urban and rural contexts. Some cities enjoy a wealth of heritage properties, and benefit from a mindful approach to blending contemporary glass with two-hundred-year-old stonework. Other regions experience extreme weather that requires local expertise to craft gathering places which are built to withstand those conditions with longevity and relevance. Architecture49 responds to the unique character of the various regions, while maintaining a consistent vision of collaboration, quality, and creative design.