Our work is based on accumulated knowledge and best practices. Our national team applies consistent standards from coast to coast, continually advancing and expanding a truly collaborative approach to design delivery.

We have designed buildings for every environment, climate and cultural landscape in Canada. The work we do has a lasting effect on both urban and rural settings – our designers have always been deeply invested in creating buildings that are sustainable, resource-conscious spaces that stay relevant as they mature. As architects, green advocates and LEED® professionals, our inherent mandate is to protect and preserve our national environment and heritage. As awareness grows, our clients echo that spirit.

As a result, our projects are designed and executed with creativity, function, respect, and within context. In a world demanding greater building performance on smaller budgets and exacting deadlines, Architecture49 has made it our mandate to consistently perform above the standard to deliver uncompromising quality in a timely fashion.

All staff across Architecture49 have the benefit of cutting edge technology to facilitate seamless collaboration and execution. When we designed our corporate headquarters building in Winnipeg, Manitoba, we decided to formally demonstrate that a high performance building is one of the most effective ways to leverage the intellectual capital embodied in employee knowledge, in turn, capitalizing on our most vital asset. Our innovative and environmentally advanced building is LEED Platinum Certified (2009).