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Healthcare | Prairies

Western Manitoba Cancer Centre

Brandon, Manitoba

The Brandon Regional Hospital site provides full Radiation and Chemotherapy treatment for patients in western Manitoba. There were four main ideas that informed the architectural and landscape elements of the site design: a material palette unifying the various quadrants and invoking a clean and modern facility; exposed systems of structural, mechanical, and electrical processes; a blending of inside/outside transitions; and an integrated landscape to provide exterior views and experiences within the facility.

The design intent was to provide a clean and light spatial environment which blends the distinction between inside and outside. The shared areas form a strong linear element between two quadrants on either side which was extended in the landscape by providing a healing courtyard garden. The courtyard provides an inviting outdoor area which is viewed and experienced throughout the seasons. The courtyard itself is organized especially towards the Chemotherapy area. The width of each treatment station on the east wall of the chemotherapy area is delineated in the courtyard with narrow pebble bands between the paving. Each segment in the courtyard contains a different planting and layout scheme such that patients can identify their preferred treatment chair. Seasonal planting will vary the experience of the patient, and perhaps influence where they receive treatment (“I’ll sit in the chair closest to the blooming coneflowers“). As staff and situation allow, patients could receive their treatment in the courtyard with a family member or caregiver nearby. Overall, the courtyard intends to be a calming, and cohesive asset which will be an integral part of the healing experience both to be viewed and experienced.