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Boundary Trails Health Centre Expansion

Winkler, Manitoba (with ft3)

As part of the province’s Clinical and Preventive Services Plan, the Boundary Trails Health Centre in Manitoba is undergoing a major renovation and expansion. This transformation is focused on patient needs, experiences and outcomes and provides streamlined pathways for patients access to care while improving the efficiencies and allocation of resources.

The expansion includes two 2-storey additions to accommodate inpatient acute care as well as outpatient community services. The first level of the inpatient building contains 24 adult medical inpatient rooms, including two AIIR (Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms). The second level has capacity for eight level 2 nursery beds and 9 maternity LDRP (Labour, Delivery, Recovery Postpartum) rooms. The design concept for the project is to create a patient-centered healing environment that incorporates single-bed rooms, access to daylight and nature, appropriate lighting, noise reduction, patient confidentiality, fall prevention measures, sustainable materials, and consideration of culturally appropriate healthcare. The design objectives aim to provide staff with clean and bright spaces that promote their wellness while creating efficient and functional workspaces that integrate technology and digital solutions. The design concept and objectives ensure the project's efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability for the future.