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Red Sucker School

Red Sucker Lake, Manitoba

Red Sucker Lake First Nation is an Oji-Cree community located on a peninsula on the northeast shore of Red Sucker Lake in Manitoba near the Ontario border. The community is situated in the Precam­brian shield region of the province and is richly forested. This project involves an addition and renovation of an existing school site to transform the building into a new education facility for grades kindergarten through twelve. The existing school has been renovated to accommodate elementary-aged children while an expansion will house students in grades 7-12.

Based on community consultation the new High School is designed to inspire pride in local culture and spirituality by having a cen­tral focus of a traditional tipi that houses the school library. The library acts as a focus and point of orientation upon entrance to the school interior and is fully glazed at the lower level allowing for good cross-supervision with adjoining spaces as well as having clerestory windows at a high level bringing abundant natural light into reading and adjoining spaces. Key functions surrounding the library and providing synergies are administration, computer, native language, gymnasium, and the cafeteria which is open to the lobby upon entry and has extensive views of nature beyond. Opportuni­ties for 21st Century Learning are provided throughout the central library and cafeteria area. The new Elementary School features a new Kindergarten, classrooms and cafeteria as well as an upgraded library, access ramp, classrooms and gymnasium. A land­scape mural painted by a prominent local artist is incorporated into the interior design concept which focuses on the natural world and its animal inhabitants.