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Centennial Plaza

East St. Paul, Manitoba

Centennial Plaza is a community gateway that incorporates elements of the municipality’s culture and heritage to establish congruence between the communities past, present and future. Formerly a parking lot adjacent to the East St. Paul Regional Municipality Civic building, the space was converted into a dynamic and engaging public plaza celebrating the municipality’s centennial anniversary. The plaza design features a water feature, custom seating area, a performance pavilion, interpretive displays and open space for gatherings. The materials and forms used in the design reflect the agricultural and mining history of the area.

A mixture of paving stones of different sizes and textures provide visual queues to the area’s historic agricultural practices. Native plant species and a community garden allow the community to interact with and customize the space, while slabbed limestone benches anchor the plaza and represent the RM’s industrial and economic past. The design features unique elements including a bell from the community’s former St. Catherine Anglican Church and interpretive panels that display the work of local artists.