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Kisemattawa Kiskinwahamakewikamik School

Shamattawa First Nation, Manitoba

Shamattawa First Nation is located near Husdon Bay at the confluence of two great rivers that give the community its identity-- God’s River and The Echoing River. In consultation with the community, Two Rivers was selected as the concept for the K-12 school. The 5 113 m² facility is divided in two parts: a community portion including a gymnasium and cafeteria, and a curved two-storey educational portion. A two-storey cafeteria and library/computer room provide a learning commons where the two parts meet.

The blue and silver clad building exterior represents the sunlight and moonlight reflecting off the water of the rivers, while interior floor patterning is designed to evoke flowing water with familiar playful images of fish set into the floor surface. Colours of the local freighter canoes are reflected in the building interior. Sustainable features include a solar wall, solar tubes on the roof, heat reclaim from return air, a high albedo roof, a compact building envelope, and LED lighting throughout.