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Chief Peguis Trail Extension

Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Chief Peguis Trail is the 4.2 km extension of a major thoroughfare that connects communities from Henderson Highway to Lagimodiere Boulevard. This Private Public Partnership model’s goal was not only to improve traffic flow but also introduce several environmental and social benefits, including the connection into residential neighbourhoods with the addition of multi-use pathways, community nodes, and a pedestrian bridge.

The 10 km of multi-use pathways provides a smooth surface for active recreation and circulation routes. Important links extending into the community provide access to existing amenities and neighbourhoods. Three sitting areas along the multi-use path provides users an opportunity to sit, dispose of waste and read interpretive panels, surrounded by naturalized and ecological restored planting areas and art features. Wayfinding signage provides directional orientation for trail users while introducing a unique graphic identity for the area. Four feature nodes located at key intersections offer larger areas for gathering and resting. Each node has a unique identity, informed by beautiful views and responding and celebrating local history. Feature planting and several amenities include site furnishing, interpretive signage, waste receptacles, vertical elements and distinctive paving patterns.

Two dramatic new artistic features announce the gateway locations into the neighbourhood. Two full-sized, full-body wolf packs with a total of ten bronze sculptures greet users with majestic power of these wild creatures. The realistic sculptures by renowned local artist Peter Sawatzky pay homage to these magnificent creatures while referencing Chief Peguis’ historical signature.

Historic features and points of interest including significant ecological restoration areas are highlighted in unique interpretive signage. The perforated weathering steel panel easels are designed to allow changes to the panel content, increasing flexible, longevity and relevance for the users. Laser cut steel panels frame views and introduce ecological concepts in an artistic medium.