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Frontier Collegiate Institute Dormitory and Power Mechanics Training Facility

Cranberry Portage, Manitoba

This power mechanics facility and dormitory facility will house students from across Northern Manitoba who are attending Frontier Collegiate Institute. Together these buildings support the Frontier Collegiate Institute campus which provides valuable skills training and support for northern economic growth.

The two-storey dormitory was designed and built to meet the following goals:

  • To provide safe and secure housing with the capacity for 200 students.
  • To create a “home away from home” that is comfortable, aesthetically and acoustically pleasing.
  • To be robust, durable and easily maintainable.
  • Sustainable construction to Manitoba Hydro Power Smart Standards with 33% improvement on performance.
  • Culturally reflective of the student population and its geographic location.

The Power Mechanics facility is a one storey building with a mechanical mezzanine, and includes long truck bay, twin post hoist bay and alignment bay, paint room, classroom and support space. The facility supports a full training program for a wide range of gasoline and diesel powered vehicles and equipment.