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Psychhealth Courtyard

Winnipeg, Manitoba

The new courtyard at the Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre provides outdoor an recreation area and therapeutic space for patients, staff and visitors of the PsychHealth unit. The courtyard is divided into spaces for active play and passive recreation with a wood deck serving as the transition space in between. An ornamental wood fence surrounds the site, serving as both a security fence and a decorative element.

Both recreation areas are composed of poured rubber surfacing, providing a safe and accessible surface. The cheerful blue and green patterns represent lily pads on a pond. The active play area contains a basketball half-court and fitness equipment designed for multi-person use to encourage interaction. The quieter, passive recreation area contains an open space for yoga and meditation, as well as fitness equipment designed for individual use. Two lounge chairs with stepping stones complement the passive recreation area, providing a place to rest or chat.

The wood deck is surrounded by lush, tactile planting, promoting a sense of biophilia and inviting patients to interact with nature. A wood bench is integrated into the deck, as wood is a biophilic natural material that provides warmth and comfort suitable for walking barefoot. Cafe tables and chairs complete the wood bench, providing a place for socializing, sharing a meal, and visitation.