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Ebb and Flow School

Ebb and Flow First Nation, Manitoba

Ebb and Flow First Nation is an Ojibway community located 180 kilometres north-west of Winnipeg in the Lake Manitoba Plain ecoregion, characterized by rolling topography and north-south ridges and swales. The traditional Ojibway name, “Ka Ka Kwe Ke Je Ong” Ebb and Flow refers to the fluctuation of water between Ebb and Flow Lake into adjoining Lake Manitoba. The largest pow-wow in Manitoba takes place in the community during August of each year.

Existing school facilities for grades Kindergarten through twelve (K-12) are expanded by adding a new Elementary School for grades kindergarten to six (K-6) alongside renovating the existing school to accommodate grades seven through twelve (7-12). School facilities are planned as an integrated complex on the existing school site adjacent to the existing pow wow grounds.

Based on community consultation the new Elementary School is designed to inspire pride in local culture and spirituality by representing an eagle ascending in flight. School interiors are based on specific features of the ecoregion and the habitat of the eagle. Classroom wings are clustered around shared breakout spaces designed as marshlands for K-3 classrooms and the lakeshore for grades 4-6. The central core of the school available for use after hours is based on aspen parklands, the dominant ecological feature of the region.

The renovated junior/senior high school is upgraded with new shop areas for industrial art as well as food and nutrition, clothing and native culture labs, and a new cafeteria. The interior design concept is inspired by the traditional arts and culture of the community including beading and leatherwork, antler carving, and paddle making. A stylized tripod entrance “tipi” marks a new entrance for the 7-12 school.