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A.R. McDiarmid Civic Complex Greenspace

Brandon, Manitoba

Originally a parking lot adjacent to the A.R. McDiarmid Civic Complex, this space was transformed into a playful, multi-use greenspace that supplements and extends the programs hosted by the existing Brandon Youth & Cultural Centre. This includes passive recreation, small gatherings, health, ecology, and play, while creating a central meeting place that invites and unites the surrounding downtown community. As the first project developed in accordance with the City of Brandon’s Greenspace Masterplan, it sets a standard for future greenspace development in the downtown core.

The project creatively navigated budget constraints by repurposing 1,050 tires into a playfully patterned rubber surface. The playful, circular “pods” organize the space while complementing the existing architectural language of the building. The rubber surface also acts as safety surfacing throughout the entire plaza, allowing for unrestricted play. Other features include community gardens to promote “seed to plate” programs, a grassy berm for casual seating and passive play, and an informal stage area to support pop-up farmers markets and community events.