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Science & Technology | Prairies

Intervac - International Vaccine Centre

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (in joint venture with AODBT)

The University of Saskatchewan partnered with the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization to construct one of the largest facilities of its kind in the world. It provides a degree of research capability unprecedented in Canada—especially large animal research space—to study patterns of animal, human and emerging infectious diseases. Integrated with University of Saskatchewan programs, the facility expands research and product development capacity for high-consequence pathogens, securing the University’s position as an international leader in this area.

“As far as laboratory/technology designs go, the Intervac was one of our most complex and high-profile projects. As the largest infrastructure investment in vaccines ever made in Canada, this facility was an incredible opportunity to forward our country’s contribution to global health.” Kevin Humeniuk, National Sector Leader, Science & Technology

The design project integrated highly complex requirements for large animal containment research (AP3-LA) with both containment level 2 and 3 laboratories (CL2 and AP3/CL3). The space includes areas for research support, administration, and operations and logistics, with both a physical and programmatic link to the existing Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization facility through an overhead walkway.