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Culture | Prairies

The Leaf at Assiniboine Park

Winnipeg, Manitoba (with KPMB Architects - Design Architect)

A 21st century botanical conservatory situated at the head of an existing Formal Garden at Assiniboine Park. It goes beyond simply housing an interesting plant collection—it is designed for LEED Silver Certification and plays a critical role in shaping how a community perceives, interacts with and understands nature and sustainability. Through compelling architecture and innovative programming it meets a modern purpose; existing to capture the imaginations of new generations and promote a greater understanding and love of the botanical world while addressing critical conservation issues. It is a signature piece of architecture that generates awareness and a presence in the park, an interactive destination that focuses on the interrelationships of plants and people, and a sustainable precedent focussing on horticulture, plants and the environment. The new exterior gardens and landscaping complement the interior design elements, connect the building to the outdoors, and provide opportunities for social and community interaction.