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Commercial | Prairies

PCL Construction Regional Headquarters

Winnipeg, Manitoba

The new state-of-the-art regional headquarters for PCL was conceived as a contemporary hybrid of open office areas, private work spaces, and training facilities. The project was an opportunity to strengthen PCL’s brand by showcasing their construction innovation, as well as improving their client experience. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, the design reinforces a culture that values knowledge advancement through skill development, regular training and consistent mentoring. An open plan with ample collaborative space facilitates easy access to expertise across departments. Flexible training rooms are reconfigured regularly to accommodate a wide range of customized PCL programming and audio visual technology seamlessly supports any configuration option.

Visitors are welcomed into a dramatic, double height reception area featuring a glass and steel open stair and a two-storey double sided concrete wall with a custom form pattern. Overheight floor to ceiling space, expansive use of curtain wall glazing, a variety of ergonomic workstation layouts to suit job functions, outdoor program spaces, and choice in meeting room configurations help to create an environment that stimulates and inspires.