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Science & Technology | Prairies

J.C. Wilt Infectious Diseases Research Centre

Winnipeg, Manitoba

The J.C. Wilt Infectious Diseases Research Centre is a completely renovated facility that was reconceived and designed to provide expanded laboratory and support space for the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC). It is a high-performance and energy-efficient laboratory, with considerations for an advanced mode of containment, operation, and sustainability.

“In addition to all the security and systems requirements in building an advanced medical research facility, we wanted to create a workplace that would facilitate new discoveries thanks to an innovatively functional, efficient and flexible space.” Kevin Humeniuk, National Sector Leader, Science & Technology

The building’s ‘whole building’ approach was a collaborative process by an interdisciplinary design team. The project was highly innovative in its adaptation and re-use of existing components and systems, including portions of existing teak millwork, stainless steel walk-off grates, doors and frames, existing laboratory casework, exterior aluminum panel cladding, and the entire building structure.