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Our award-winning work in Quebec and beyond spans over 60 years, with major projects in almost every Canadian province. Our architects were the first winners of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture and the first Governor General Award for a project outside of Canada. Our Quebec offices are the home of our Hospitality practice group, specializing in the development of hotels and resorts in Canada, and around the world as well as a strong portfolio of historical restorations and mixed use development.

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Photo: Carmen Botezatu

Carmen Botezatu

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Photo: Alexandre Sauvé

Alexandre Sauvé

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Photo: Arne Sideco

Arne Sideco

Architectural Designer
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Photo: Bruno Verenini

Bruno Verenini

Managing Principal
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Photo: Fabiana Namba

Fabiana Namba

Architectural Intern
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Photo: Frédérique Fortin

Frédérique Fortin

Architectural Intern
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Photo: Hugo Cloutier

Hugo Cloutier

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Photo: Isabelle Julien

Isabelle Julien

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Photo: James Bridger

James Bridger

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Photo: Joël Préfontaine

Joël Préfontaine

Architectural Technologist
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Photo: Jorge Lizarraga Nevarez

Jorge Lizarraga Nevarez

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Photo: Julien Dallaire

Julien Dallaire

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Photo: Karl Lessard

Karl Lessard

Architectural Intern
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Photo: Louis-Pierre Hubert

Louis-Pierre Hubert

Architectural Technologist
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Photo: Morgane Coquin

Morgane Coquin

Architectural Designer
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Photo: Nicoleta Dan-Ferenta

Nicoleta Dan-Ferenta

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Photo: Patrice Pichette

Patrice Pichette

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Photo: Pierre Thach

Pierre Thach

Architectural Intern
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Photo: Vanessa Lapierre

Vanessa Lapierre

Architectural Technologist
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Photo: Viviane Zhang

Viviane Zhang

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Photo: Corentin Leclercq

Corentin Leclercq

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Photo: Émilie Julien

Émilie Julien

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Photo: Robensley Dessalines

Robensley Dessalines

Architectural Technologist
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Photo: Jason Villeneuve

Jason Villeneuve

Architectural Technologist
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Photo: Sophie Lepage-Pellerin

Sophie Lepage-Pellerin

Architectural Technologist
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Photo: Marianne Lapalme

Marianne Lapalme

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Photo: Natalie Wee

Natalie Wee

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Photo: Flavia Socol

Flavia Socol

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Photo: Paul O'Borne

Paul O'Borne

Architectural Technologist
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