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Security & Defence | Quebec

TAPV (Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle)

Valcartier, Quebec

This project consists of two new buildings located on Canadian Forces Base Valcartier. These new infrastructure facilities located on distinctly different sites within a defined base master plan, house Tactical Armoured Personnel Vehicles (TAPV). The newly acquired vehicles will fulfill a variety of roles on the battlefield, such as reconnaissance and surveillance, security, command and control, cargo and armoured personnel carrier.

The buildings are designed to accommodate angled parking for vehicle storage and allow for basic driver maintenance. With multiple infantry and armoured units sharing these premises, alongside instructor personnel for training of soldiers and new recruits for use and operations on the TAPVs, both programs provide necessary equipment storage, shared high security weapons storage vaults, weapons cleaning rooms and a series of classrooms capable of hosting 110 individuals for technical, tactical and operational training.

With its 3 classrooms, Building A is 7 600 sq m and houses 74 vehicles, while Building B is 2 715 sq m and houses 27 vehicles, with a primary mandate to act as a Training Centre.

Designed to achieve sustainable objectives meeting LEED Silver rating, this project employs cost effective and energy efficient solutions that allow both these buildings to properly answer to the functional program, meet a tight construction budget and project delivery schedule.