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Hospitality | Quebec

Fairmont Château Mont-Tremblant

Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

Château Mont-Tremblant is situated in Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains. This site is highly picturesque with views of the majestic peaks and forest of Mont Tremblant as well as the charming European-style village. The village of Mont Tremblant features French-inspired architecture, with pitched rooftops, corrugated shingles, and old-fashioned chimneys. This setting provided stimulus for the design of the hotel, which is inspired by the 19th-century seignury and its grand Provençal-style residences. The chateau was designed to give the impression of a contemporary seigneurial manor, typical of rural Quebec. The hotel’s rustic interior design was inspired by the Quebec legend, Chasse-galerie sur le Mont Tremblant.

The hotel comprises 250 guestrooms, 50 condominiums, 25 meeting rooms, 800 seat convention/ ballroom, as well as a recreational center, including an exercise room, swimming pool and spa. It is the primary hostelry in the massive Station Mont-Tremblant resort project, developed by Intrawest’s Corporation.