Commercial | Quebec

Rockland Centre Food Court

Montreal, Quebec (in collaboration with Humà Design+Architecture)

After producing a feasibility study to redevelop and densify the site and improve circulation and access, Architecture49 was mandated to completely renovate the food court and several businesses in the centre, and to create new restaurants and shops. In collaboration with Humà Design + Architecture.

Respecting the Rockland Centre’s rich heritage, a concept full of nuances was developed. The major gesture was to open the exterior wall over 100 ft long, to bring in natural light and create a large 4-season terrace. Numerous sub-areas were developed to create different atmospheres; some of them highlight the refined details and luminosity, others the cozy and comfortable alcoves. With its chef’s kitchen, children’s area, central islands with open kitchen, the concept of the food fair has been rethought so that the space becomes a support for meetings and events.