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Transportation | Quebec

Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport

Montreal, Quebec (in collaboration with Provencher Roy, Cardinal et Hardy and Jodoin Lamarre Pratte)

The re-imagining and expansion of Montreal’s existing airport for international standards and traffic needs was a renovation of a massive scale. It included a complete redesign of check-in counters for international and domestic sectors; baggage rooms; international and trans-border jetties; immigration and inspection service centres; baggage arrival concourses; public arrival halls; and traffic, parking and plane maintenance areas across 33 gates.

“In designing such a high-profile space for Montreal, we were inspired by the contemporary, avant-garde style of the city. We had so many inspirations informing our work, from the city’s cultural vitality and historical influences to its urban flair.” James Bridger, Participating Architect

As strategic components affecting efficiency during peak periods, aircraft bays and operations facilities were designed for flexibility, and to provide airline companies and operators with equipment and facilities in close proximity to circulation networks. As an essential service to passengers, commercial areas were carefully designed to maximize usefulness, appeal, and access, while staying clear of airport operations. Departure lounges offer a clear view to planes and exterior traffic. Wood paneling, soft, natural lighting and custom-designed furniture creates a calm and inviting environment.