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Retail | Quebec

Mercedes Benz

Montreal, Quebec (with Riccardo Gaiotti)

Situated on a 3.9 acres lot located close to Highway 40 East, at 12525 Metropolitan Boulevard East, the expansive dealership occupies two floors of 12,500 sq ft each and two separate showrooms (one for new vehicles and the other for used vehicles). It will also accommodate storage of more than 80 vehicles.

The 13,000 sq ft service area includes 18 state-of-the-art bays, with two oversized workstations specifically designed to accommodate Mercedes-Benz Sprinters. In addition, a reception area with a 10 vehicle capacity, will effectively meet the needs of customers in terms of after-sales service. A Mercedes-Benz lounge is also generously appointed for customers to wait in a comfortable and inviting environment.

The overall configuration of the facility is consistent with the concept of the Auto Haus design, based on the extensive use of glass to promote transparency throughout the building. This building inaugurates the new look adopted by Mercedes- Benz dealerships: black coupled with silver accents reminiscent of the three-pointed star will replace the blue tones that characterized Mercedes-Benz dealers to date.

Numerous measures for environmental sustainability were implemented during the construction of this dealership. In fact, materials manufactured within the region, consisting of a high percentage of recycled content were used.