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Heritage, Commercial | Quebec

La Presse Newsroom

Montreal, Quebec

Today, the media world is undergoing unprecedented changes and La Presse, one of the largest French dailies of America, is no exception. In order to transition after the great digital shift, La Presse commissioned architects to reinvent this space, which stood abandoned since 2007.

The space is over forty feet high, so the designers prepared three mezzanines in order to create spaces in various proportions, which can be suitable to different daily activities. Interventions on the building envelope, and the use of glass and clear finishes, contribute to the abundant light in both individual and group work areas.

Resulting from a considered, sensitive approach, the spirit of the space is still present in the newsroom. One always feels the strength of the concrete structure and the monumental scale of the space. We also see the excitement of those working together in the same space, which is vast and airy. We hear the murmurings of work teams that are actively working through a project, and we see pedestrians walking along St-Antoine Street.

Pedestrians are now able to see the news agency at work. This new workspace in the heart of the city showcases the editors, reporters and production teams that are busy day and night, producing La Presse.