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Heritage | Quebec

Voltigeurs de Québec Armoury

City of Quebec, Quebec (A49/DFS/STGM consortium)

The A49/DFS/STGM consortium was mandated to prepare the conceptual and construction documents for the reconstruction of the Voltigeurs de Quebec Armoury, following its almost complete destruction by fire in 2008. As the building has retained most of its architectural integrity, as well as the distinctive elements that led to its designation as a national historic site of Canada, the reconstruction of the Armoury was intended to rehabilitate it as a multifunctional building, including federal offices, a multifunctional hall that can accommodate up to 1300 people, and premises commemorating the history of the Voltigeurs. To the original existing volumes were added: a bridge leading to the Battlefields Park, a new west wing, and a fireplace along the multifunctional room on the south side, facing the Battlefields Park.

The heritage conservation approach proposed a clear and honest valuation of the layers of history of the Armoury: the original construction of 1887, the expansion of 1913-14, the fire of 2008 and the new rehabilitation project. The consortium was therefore committed to preserving, stabilizing and ensuring the sustainability of all these important moments of the Armoury, within a coherent and dynamic whole that enhances the cultural value of the site for future generations.