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Education | Atlantic Canada

Yarmouth Elementary School

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Yarmouth Elementary school, offering classes from grades Pre-Primary to 6, exemplifies the philosophy that appropriate school design can provide opportunities for students to grow intellectually, socially and emotionally. Accordingly, every square foot of the school is considered a setting for learning and provides varied learning environments throughout the school and within the instructional spaces that are designed with students’ learning needs in mind. It blurs the lines between the traditional classroom space and the circulation areas, thus providing choice in the learning environment for both students and teachers to optimize.

The key design feature of the school is an integrated arts and science studio that acts as a flexible, maker’s space and connects students together. This space forms the ‘heart’ of the school and flow through the classroom wing.

The school was designed for sustainability and in keeping with contemporary thought in education. Energy and water efficiency, and healthy indoor environments, informed design decisions. The central theme remained focused on inspiring and motivating students to embrace learning; to pique their curiosity, challenge their intellects and to enjoy the rich social milieu of the school experience.