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Education | Atlantic Canada

LeMarchant-St. Thomas Elementary School

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Le Merchant St. Thomas School’s siting and massing were deeply influenced by the desire to maximize green space for outdoor play and optimize daylight in the learning spaces. The school features a collaborative learning space (Da Vinci Studio) that combines multi-purpose use, visual arts, the cafeteria and the library. Combining these spaces creates a flexible, collaborative learning environment to accommodate several classes participating in a range of activities at the same time. The spaces blend together to foster integrated learning or allow for larger groups to make use of the entire space. The three-storey academic wing provides collaborative zones outside the more traditional learning spaces to create opportunities for project-based learning and break out space. The exterior aesthetic of the building is playful and picks up on the whimsy of children’s play. The introduction of a rainbow of colour creates movement as you move along the building and view it from various angles.

The original LeMarchant-St. Thomas school was almost 100 years old and didn’t meet the needs of students, teachers, or the community. The opportunity to design a bright, modern and accessible school that will serve students and families for generations to come is truly rewarding. Catherine Hefler, Design Architect