Introducing A49's Inclusion and Diversity Advisor

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Our Commitment to Inclusion, Diversity & Equity

Architecture49 is proud of its growth, maturity, and impact to a broad range of communities over the past 8 years. We have emerged as a collective that is relevant and contributory to communities large and small across our country. Today, we find ourselves in a unique time of reflection on our values and mission as an organization. As a group of design professionals, we have a heightened awareness of our responsibility, capacity, and capability to improve the global environmental and human condition. Globally, private corporate and public domains are holding themselves accountable to addressing climate change, global inequities, and social injustices as we collectively aim to achieve a more inclusive and equitable society.

“A49 is committed to providing an inclusive and diverse workplace where staff can work and develop within an environment of safety, equity, and transparency.” A49 Inclusion & Equity statement

Inclusion & Diversity Advisor

A49 is committing to furthering these ambitions through a formal Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) initiative. As a commitment to its priority, we are pleased to formally announce that Julie Epp will be stepping into the Inclusion & Diversity Advisor role. Julie’s passion for inclusion and diversity, her formal training in art & narrative therapy, coupled with the unique understanding she has gained from conducting over 250 interviews with our staff, made her a logical choice for the role. Julie has been with A49 for 10 years as a dedicated professional in the field of graphic design, communications, and marketing. Julie will lead our Inclusion and Diversity program to help bring the broader strategy to life within A49. Her extremely diverse work experience and her willingness to take on new career challenges will ensure this new role will be executed from a place of empathy, dedication, and attention to detail.

“It is really important to me to work for an organization that is committed to creating a work environment that is fair, transparent, and inclusive. I am honoured to lead our Inclusion & Diversity initiative at Architecture49 and work alongside our leadership team across the country.” Julie Epp, Inclusion and Diversity Advisor

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