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YMCA Moncton North

Moncton, New Brunswick

The YMCA of Greater Moncton offers a wide range of programs in health and fitness, youth and leadership development, childcare, global initiatives, camps and volunteer opportunities. The YMCA is an inclusive organization open to everyone; all ages, backgrounds and activity levels. The City of Moncton has continued to grow, providing the opportunity for the YMCA to expand its presence in the city.

The facility in Moncton North features a large lobby and reception area to greet visitors and provide opportunities for gathering and socializing, while also serving as a viewing platform to the program areas throughout the building.

There is programming for all ages, including indoor and outdoor playgrounds and an indoor splashpad for children, and functional fitness, strength conditioning and weight program spaces for adults. The remainder of the facility is shaped by a gymnasium, multipurpose space, program studios, and an indoor track for walking, wheeling and running.