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Transportation | Greater Toronto Area

Waterloo Rapid Transit Project

Waterloo, Ontario

The Region of Waterloo is planning for tremendous population and employment growth over the next two decades, which requires a new approach to mobility within the Region. The goals of the region were to create an efficient, accessible and sustainable rapid transit system for the future.

The first phase of the Rapid Transit Project connects the three major urban centres of Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo and includes Light Rail Transit (LRT), adapted Bus Rapid Transit (aBRT) and 22 stations along the 36km transit corridor. The light rail transit features electric trains running along a rapidway separate from regular traffic. The adapted Bus Rapid Transit includes buses driving in regular traffic, but given special features to make them faster, consistent and convenient.

A49 prepared station stop concepts, technical specifications and participated in the public consultation for the station stop concept designs. The conceptual designs paid careful attention the neighbourhood vernaculars that contribute to the region, in an effort to integrate them into the station designs. This approach gives the stations an identity and creates variety among them.