Transportation, Industrial | Ontario

Viva Transit Facility

Richmond Hill, Ontario

This bus operations, maintenance and storage facility was a unique project type that has very specific design and construction requirements, different from most other building types. This facility features a repair garage with 20 bays and a bus storage facility accommodating 250 articulated buses. Other amenities include a parking garage, outdoor parking facilities, salt and storage sheds, courtyard and patio, landscaped and paved areas, underground water storage tanks, administration and operations offices with related staff facilities. The facility was designed to serve a fleet large enough to service the growing needs of the Region to year 2031. It can accommodate 40ft long buses in the current Region’s fleet as well as 80ft long double articulated buses in the future.

The design aesthetic and architectural expression of the project introduced a free-flowing organic form for the heavily populated areas of the administration block. Curved and sloped glass walls were used extensively to bring in as much daylight as possible and create a more pleasant working environment.

The overall design incorporated distinguishable Viva (the Region’s bus rapid transit service) branding, state-of-the-art building operating systems, plus environmentally responsible materials and systems to support LEED Silver standards.