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Industrial | Western Canada

USG/ CGC Wallboard Manufacturing Facility

Wheatland County, Alberta

Spanning 214 acres, the facility, covering 220,000 square feet, the USG/CGC Wallboard Manufacturing Facility will specialize in the production of wallboard, also known as drywall, and associated products made from paper and gypsum. Central to the design is a strong emphasis on sustainability. The plant is set to produce the lightest and most sustainable wallboard product globally, integrating the latest innovations and cutting-edge technology to enhance operational stability and eco-friendliness. Notably, the plant will be constructed using a zero-waste approach, with 100 percent of production waste recycled back into the manufacturing process, leaving no material destined for landfill. Key features include a high-efficiency, gas-fired kiln designed to minimize energy consumption during the drying process, with measures in place to recover evaporated water. Furthermore, an on-site solar field will provide 100 percent of the plant's electricity needs, further reducing its environmental footprint.