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Transportation | Western Canada

Vancouver Transit Centre

Vancouver, British Columbia

This bus operations and maintenance facility was designed to accommodate a fleet of 400 coaches made up of 40-foot trolley coaches, 40-foot diesel coaches and 60-foot articulated trolley coaches. The facility included a single-storey maintenance component that surrounds a four-storey support building which contains storage, administration, depot, training and a cafeteria. Like many maintenance facilities, the driving factor throughout the planning and design process for the Vancouver Transit Centre was operational functionality. Controlled and efficient throughput of buses for daily inspection and servicing, as well as accommodations for the efficient and safe flow of vehicle and staff, were key factors in designing the layout.

To create a welcoming and productive environment for employees, the colour and material selection for the office space included light, bright finishes accented by deeper blue and grey tones giving an overall cool colour scheme. Natural oak finishes were used for doors, frames, furniture and built-in cabinetry.