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Toronto Liver Research Centre Retrofit

Toronto, ON

The Toronto Centre for Liver Disease staff have expertise in both basic science and clinical research. Research is a cornerstone of their work, and their goal is to learn more about viral hepatitis and other liver diseases on basic scientific levels and from clinical studies, so that they can help improve lives of patients with liver disease. Their team is made up of world-class health care professionals. A49 is This project designing a complete renovation of Toronto Liver Research Centre (TLRC) space.

The renovated research space facilitates the team’s dedicated focus on viral hepatitis B and C, liver cancer and fibrosis, where they work to understand why the virus behaves differently in different people, how the immune system works to attack the virus, and how to improve treatment. The improvements to the clinical research laboratories will enable the client team to implement innovative new approaches to manage their patients with different types of liver disease, and to study new investigational drugs and tools to find safer and more effective treatments for patients with liver disease. The new facility upgrades also improve the TLRC to perform clinical studies to better understand the effects of liver disease on people.

The updated space is home to clinical trials that are key for advancing medical knowledge and patient care. As an international well-known liver center, the TLRC collaborates with global industry organizations and health care institutions such as the US National Institute of Health, in developing innovative treatment and care strategies for their patients.