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Vancouver, British Columbia

This new building for the TRIUMF campus will provide redundancy and increased capacity to produce mission critical radioisotopes for clinical use in British Columbia.

The first phase of the new facility will house a TR-24 cyclotron, CNSC and cGMP approved laboratories, and office space for the production of radioisotopes for clinical use in the Province of British Columbia and beyond, and radioisotopes and radiotracers for use in research

Products intended for clinical use require cGMP Health Canada Grade C Labs with Grade A, B and C hot cells. Support spaces include TR-24 technical rooms, 2 Quality Control rooms, receiving and shipping component, Cyclotron Control room, Change Rooms and Mechanical/Electrical spaces as well as office space are required. The second phase is planned to house another TR-24 cyclotron and laboratories.

In the development of the schematic design consideration has been given to building orientation, location of loading bays, view corridors from adjacent facilities, and the positioning and shielding of the main building entrance. Consideration has also been given to air intake locations, and the location of noise generating equipment. Entire TR-24 Cyclotron vault, target stations and support spaces are underground, utilizing earth shielding which reduces concrete thickness for some walls. The hot labs are placed on Ground level, immediately above the cyclotron, in order to reduce the length of delivery lines. Most of the space above the hot labs is dedicated to the Mechanical Interstitial space. Office space is located on two floors, with southern exposure. LEED Gold certification is a requirement.