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Transportation Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (TEME) Facility

Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Transportation Electrical Mechanical Engineering (TEME) Facility on the Willow Park site of CFB Halifax is a new centralized headquarters which houses a full range of vehicular repair and storage, teaching/training facilities, offices and support spaces.

“Our new facility was a huge leap forward for the work that we do for our country’s military. To make the most of what represented a large investment and a big change for our workers, our architects helped us to understand the link between design and systems performance, reliability, environmental quality and efficiency savings.” TEME spokesperson

TEME is responsible for the maintenance and operations of a large diversified vehicle fleet. At Willow Park, approximately 200 people—both civilians and military personnel—operate and maintain the 700 vehicle fleet, ranging from civilian vehicles to military pattern vehicles, including cars, trucks, heavy, buses, snow plowing equipment, and military field trucks.

The project met modern guidelines for emergency response, safety and security, while providing updated service areas, improved vehicle access and delivery, streamlined refuse and recycling management, and a host of other efficiencies and upgrades.