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Healthcare | Atlantic Canada

The Meadows Long Term Care Facility

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia (in collaboration with Montgomery Sisam Architects)

The Meadows is a 105-bed replacement facility designed around a resident-centred care philosophy. The facility has emphasized durability and functionality without comprising comfort, accessibility or resident well-being. Smaller, residential scale ‘house’ areas with private rooms, neighbourhood living/dining and integrated nursing support spaces. Individual home areas are connected through the Town Square – a large internal street concept with multi-purpose room, chapel, tuck shop, hair salon and clinical and administrative services. Smaller and larger group activities alike are accommodated on the internal streetscape with views to neighbouring horse pastures from a large external courtyard off the multi-purpose room.

Successful design features of the Meadows include the open concept kitchen/dining/living room in the resident houses which provides good visibility for staff and residents while maintaining a residential scale, year round access and views to landscaped courtyards through large picture windows and the enhanced way-finding and unique sense of place created through the use of unique Nova Scotia artwork themes used throughout the facility.