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Security & Defence | Western Canada


Edmonton, Alberta

The Canadian Armed Forces required new infrastructure at CFB Edmonton to shelter, maintain and facilitate training on new Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicles and Force Mobility Enhancement Vehicles at the 3rd Canadian Division Support Base / Area Support Unit (3 CDSB/ASU) Edmonton Alberta.

To address infrastructure requirements, this project provides training, operations and maintenance space for the sustainment of the new fleet of vehicles thus allowing the vehicles to be employed for their intended service life.

The project, being delivered by modified Design Build process was originally proposed as two separate facilities. The DB team provided an in-depth study on the benefits in co-locating the TAPV and FME programs. Co-location resulted in overall savings in building area and capital costs. The DB team worked with users in defining shared facilities in optimizing a common central core including classrooms, training areas, canteen, supply, tool and weapons storage and building circulation and utilities.

The core of the building is flanked by two wings. One wing houses TAPV storage, arranged as angled parking bays fed by a series of three one way vehicle circulation corridors. The bays are designed to enable driver level maintenance, storage lockers, and vehicle exhaust. The second wing contains training and maintenance bays grouped in a double loaded arrangement, with overhead doors providing access to each bay, and an overhead crane with complete coverage of the full length of the maintenance wing.