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Stratford High School

Stratford High School is setting the standard for modern educational design on Prince Edward Island, emphasizing innovation, sustainability, and active community participation. In collaboration with Nine Yards Architecture, with A49 as the Educational Facility Planner, our team's mission was to create a cutting-edge educational facility for grades 10-12. This innovative learning environment, designed for 750 students, fosters academic excellence, creativity, and personal growth in line with contemporary educational design principles.

The school will include modern, flexible classrooms equipped with advanced technology to facilitate interactive and collaborative learning experiences. Specialized facilities, such as science labs, a library and media center, a performing arts theater, a dedicated sports complex, and art studios, will support students in exploring and developing skills across various academic disciplines.

Stratford High School will function as a hub for community engagement, offering multipurpose spaces for public events, meetings, and workshops. Collaborations with local organizations, businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions will also provide students with real-world learning opportunities and mentorship programs.