Transportation | Ontario

Stouffville Corridor

Greater Toronto Area, Ontario

The Stouffville Line is part of the GO Transit commuter rail system in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). This line is an integral link from the suburbs of the GTA to the downtown core where thousands of commuters rely on rail transit as part of their daily commute as well as frequent trips into the city for events, concerts, shows, dining or shopping. The Stouffville line is undergoing a major redevelopment to convert to a rapid transit line with trains running every 15 minutes or less to offer passengers a faster, better and easier commuter experience.

A49 is part of a team to redevelop three stations on the Stouffville line: Agincourt, Milliken and Unionville. The redevelopment and expansion of these stations includes enhanced platform structures with full-length platform canopy, access tunnels, elevators and stairs configuration, shelter design and updated interiors. The Stations will also receive additional parking for cars, storage for bicycles and the ability to carry up to 1000+ additional patrons. Overall, the stations will have improved lighting, clear wayfinding, new landscaping and better accessibility to provide an overall better user experience for all passengers.