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Transportation | Atlantic Canada

Stanfield International Airport

Halifax, Nova Scotia

To maintain its status as the aviation hub for Atlantic Canada, the Halifax International Airport Authority embarked on an addition and renovation to the arrivals area of its Stanfield International Airport. This expansion tripled the size of the International Arrivals area and quadrupled the size of the Domestic Arrivals area, greatly enhancing both passenger and luggage handling capacity. Completed in only 18 months, the project was phased carefully to minimize disruption to ongoing airport operations.

The interior spaces were designed to reflect a contemporary and progressive Nova Scotia arrivals experience. Common themes of ‘sail and wing’ were used to create an impressive yet friendly sense of place. The International Arrivals hall is adorned with half-scale models of the Silver Dart airplane and kites designed by Alexander Graham Bell. The Domestic Arrivals hall borrows these themes, creating a warm and inviting character and offering sweeping views of the Nova Scotia sky and landscape.