Education | Atlantic Canada

School of Sustainable Design Engineering, UPEI

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

The new School of Sustainable Design Engineering, at the University of Prince Edward Island, is a new three storey Engineering Building featuring a 2-storey high Atrium Space running the length of the building. The Industrial Innovation Centres, Clinic Project Bays and Lecture Rooms located on the ground floor, along with Metal and Wood Fabrication areas and the Student-Assembly/Finish Shop are key spaces featured along the Atrium/Concourse and contribute greatly to the excitement and culture of the building.

The second floor features a number of related spaces, including the Design Studios, an Integrated Learning Commons, Clean and Dry Labs and the Computer/CAD/Simulations room. It also features Administration areas, complete with an Industry Partner boardroom overlooking the Industrial Innovation spaces below. The Learning Commons, located on level 2, flows into a Learning Stair, which is essentially a tiered structure offering a variety of small group learning spaces in a unique configuration.

Level three largely consists of Faculty offices and Small Group Learning spaces. Students and Faculty are expected to interact on this level in the Seminar Rooms, Ideation Rooms and Faculty Research Areas.