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Education | Atlantic Canada

School of Sustainable Design Engineering

University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

The UPEI School of Sustainable Design Engineering produces engineers with exceptional design and professional skills who are globally and socially aware, creative, communicative, and entrepreneurial. It incorporates an innovative hands-on program bringing together UPEI Engineering faculty, members of the university community with regional and international industry stakeholders.

The design approached focused around the philosophy of ‘every space can be a learning space’. This approach is based around creating learning spaces outside the traditional classroom, studio or lab environment. These spaces encourage and enable students to participate in spontaneous learning throughout the building and include the atrium, learning stair, small group rooms, learning commons and hallway break out spaces.

The program areas throughout the school include Industrial Innovation Centres, Clinic Project Bays and Lecture Rooms, Metal and Wood Fabrication areas, Student-Assembly/Finish Shop, Design Studios, an Integrated Learning Commons, Clean and Dry Labs and the Computer/CAD/Simulations room.