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Education | Atlantic Canada

Sacred Heart School of Halifax

Halifax, Nova Scotia

The new addition to Sacred Heart School of Halifax is a key part of a Master concept for the campus. The school community wanted to create a new entry to the school that could act as a gathering place for students of all ages and genders. The new entry hub follows the growing trend in school design of allowing only one secure entry to the entire school and will create quick and clear access to the three schools within – the elementary school, fountain academy, and sacred heart school.

A single, clear “front door,” where the administration overlooks the outdoor space before the entry doors as well as inside the entrance can ensure that the staff actively engages all arriving visitors. The reception is designed to be open and welcoming, making immediate contact with arriving visitors easy. The current reception area was relocated to the new entry hub to act as a gateway, and the admissions office was also re-located here.

The organizational concept is driven by the notion that the various educational streams of age and gender will interact through this hub throughout the school day. The hub itself creates a two storey gathering space, with a large learning stair connecting the new entry to the existing study hall on the second level, while providing a large mezzanine overlooking the new gathering space that can be used for art classes, project based learning and student group work.