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Healthcare | Atlantic Canada

Richmond Villa Senior’s Complex

St. Peter’s, Nova Scotia (in collaboration with Montgomery Sisam Architects)

Richmond Villa is a single-storey 74-bed replacement facility located at the heart of St. Peters with a multi-levelled program that integrates the community including long term care, assisted-living, residential care, an Adult Day Care and clinical and spiritual services to serve the community. Other key features included easily navigated interior environments, increased daylighting and views, home areas that supported independence as well as community and initiatives in healthy living and sustainability.

There was a necessity to redefine the culture of nursing care and nursing facilities in the province of Nova Scotia. With cues taken from facilitators, residents, family and friends, it was obvious that communities were welcoming a more dynamic, de-institutionalized environment that evoked a sense of home and community. Designed following a resident-centered philosophy the building celebrates themes of home, village and garden evoking qualities that were familiar and representative of home.