Sports & Entertainment | Ontario

Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre

Belleville, Ontario

This multi-use recreation centre for Belleville was an ambitious community hub that included two NHL-calibre arenas, an aquatics facility, a gymnasium, a fitness centre, a running track, multi-use community and retail space, and administration offices. Connected to an existing facility by a central two-story atrium, the greatly expanded space celebrates and encourages community interaction and enthusiasm.

“Many arenas of this scale are fairly anonymous structures without much personality or character. With the Quinte Centre, we were given the chance to incorporate unique architectural expressions and a sense of playfulness and individuality, making the sports centre more than just functional.” Albert Paquette, National Sector Leader, Sports & Entertainment

A dynamic and open concept with abundant natural light and sight lines to all the features of the facility, the Quinte Centre is a sustainability marvel. In addition to incorporating value-added LEED principles into the design, the facility conserves water, generates green renewable energy year-round with a rooftop solar farm, benefits from refined lighting and heating controls, takes advantage of off-peak energy, and re-uses heat generated from refrigeration and aquatics.

Despite its large size and the typical ‘big box’ approach to arenas that such facilities require, the design creates an inviting communal facility which enhances the enjoyment of all community users. The large curving spine or street that connects main functional spaces provides clarity of organization and visibility for an inclusive community environment.