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Healthcare | Atlantic Canada

QE2 3rd and 5th Floor Renovations

Halifax, Nova Scotia

The QE2 Health Sciences Halifax Infirmary Site has recently undergone extensive renovations to enhance patient care in Nova Scotia. Among the notable additions are state-of-the-art interventional radiology suites and a hybrid operating room, which enable our physicians to deliver more efficient and effective care, resulting in shorter hospital stays and faster recovery times for patients.

The interventional suites feature cutting-edge equipment for image-guided diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that are much less invasive than traditional surgical methods. This innovative technology allows our physicians to perform a range of new, advanced procedures while also reducing wait times for patients.

The Hybrid Operating Room is a unique space that combines the imaging capabilities of a catheterization lab with those of a surgical suite, enabling our physicians to perform more complex procedures and assess treatments in real-time. This approach saves critical time in emergency situations by eliminating the need for patient transfers between floors and care teams.