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Paradise Double Ice Surface Complex

Paradise, Newfoundland and Labrador

The Town of Paradise in Newfoundland and Labrador experienced rapid growth and required further development of modern recreational infrastructure to serve the town and continue to attract new residents. The double ice complex serves as the main entrance to the existing Paradise Rotary Youth Centre, and an attached indoor swimming pool addition is planned for future construction. The arena building is located close to other community recreational opportunities at nearby Octagon Pond, the walking trails, sports fields and park land making it part of the Town’s recreation hub.

The facility offers two NHL-sized ice surfaces, a 4000 square foot fully accessible fitness centre, a full service canteen, a multi-purpose room, office space and meeting areas. It’s designed to support the community though the ability to offer an array of programs and events to organizations, groups and individuals. Of the two ice surfaces, one maintains its ice year-round, while the other can be easily converted for trade shows and concert venues.