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Healthcare | Northern Ontario

Ojibways of Pic River Health Centre

Biigitigong Nishnaabeg First Nation, Ontario

The new health facility for Biigitigong Nishnaabeg First Nation (Ojibways of the Pic River) was designed simply with the objective to support holistic and healthy lifestyles within the community through prevention, education and awareness. The building is tailored to Biigtigong Mno-Ahi Yaawgamig’s focus on all aspects of human health from spiritual to mental, social and physical. A smaller carbon footprint was facilitated with use of a geothermal field located within existing vegetation, local flora and fauna being retained. The First Nation’s connection to the land is visually expressed through its interior colour scheme – representative of the four directions (East, West, North and South) and elements (water, fire, earth and air). Furnishings and wood finishes further complement the natural connection. Large windows root the building’s users to the land and the community. Exterior building materials including metal roofing, masonry and cement board cladding were selected for durability, strength, longevity, and ease of maintenance. Wood features accentuate the entrances. The facility also accommodates storage space for canoes.